education & cpd

Quality education, training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is vital to support the professional success of sonographers and to enhance the community’s access to quality sonographic services.

Sonographer education is a high priority for the ASA. The ASA advocates for quality education, clinical training and CPD that will support a sustainable, quality workforce and the further advancement of the sonography profession.

The ASA is committed to providing and influencing quality academic and clinical entry level and continuing education through the development of guidelines and resources that support quality education and training for sonographers. We will continue to influence the delivery of entry level education and clinical training and provide support to the students, clinical supervisors and employers in the delivery of clinical training.

CPD is defined as the education following completion of formal training. It consists of any educational activity which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills or professional performance standards.

CPD includes 'formal' activities such as courses, conferences and workshops, as well as self-directed activities. All sonographers must participate in a recognised CPD program in which they demonstrate their commitment to continued improved professional performance.

The ASA is committed to ensuring that sonographers recognise the link between planning and participating in CPD with the achievement of their professional goals.

Download the CPD for sonographers ASA Fast Fact.