quality practice

The ASA is committed to ensuring all sonographers have the capacity and commitment to deliver high quality sonographic services to the Australian and New Zealand community. For sonographers, quality practice encompasses appropriate education and clinical training, a commitment to ongoing CPD, ongoing research to further the knowledge base of the profession and an undertaking to work within a defined code of conduct and practice standards.

Quality sonographic practice is enhanced by the advocacy, representation and development work the association is currently undertaking. This work includes advocating to government and other stakeholders and developing proposals that will impact on the regulatory environment within which sonographers work, as well as developing standards and guidelines that influence clinical practice, the education and clinical training of sonographers and articulating the career pathway for sonographers.

The ASA through the 2012-15 Strategic Plan, has identified quality practice as the key priority for advancing the sonography profession. The association will continue to advocate on behalf of sonographers and the sonography profession to ensure all aspects of quality practice are supported and implemented.