Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA)

The ASA maintains membership of AHPA, the national voice of allied health in Australia. AHPA members, which include the national peak professional associations representing audiologists, chiropractors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, orthotists and prosthetists, osteopaths, hospital pharmacists, podiatrists, psychologists, sonographers, social workers and speech pathologists, work together to raise issues concerning allied health to policy decision-makers at all levels and to share information and views relevant to the organisation’s objectives.
AHPA’s current priorities include:

  • ensuring involvement of allied health in the healthcare reform agenda
  • achieving allied health representation at all levels of governance in Medicare Locals
  • federal government appointment of a national allied health officer
  • achieving recognition of allied health as the third pillar in the provision of healthcare
  • lobbying for increased incentives for allied health professionals to work in rural and remote areas – incentives which are already available for doctors – to ensure improved healthcare for rural communities
  • review of the Medicare Chronic Disease Management items to provide more comprehensive healthcare for people with chronic and complex conditions.

National Alliance for Self-regulating Health Professions (NASRHP)

The ASA’s participation on NASRHP, which currently consists of eight self-regulating allied health national peak professional associations with membership of AHPA, has been ongoing since 2007. The NASRHP’s core objective is to provide a forum for allied health professions that are not nationally registered to:

  • seek clarity regarding regulation for their respective professions
  • benchmark their self-regulatory environment
  • advocate on behalf of the public for an improved health regulatory environment
  • address the challenges and consequences of the current fragmentation in health practitioner regulation.

Refer to sonographer regulation for details regarding the recent work of NASRHP.

Professions Australia

The ASA maintains membership of Professions Australia, a national organisation of professional associations. Professions Australia advances and promotes professionalism for the benefit of the community. It does this by:

  • complementing and supporting its member associations
  • communicating the benefits of professionalism and ethical practices
  • providing the means for sharing information, ideas and experience among the professions
  • developing and promoting policies on issues of interest to the professions
  • providing government with reliable and objective advice on relevant issues
  • supporting member associations in the promotion of professionalism.