sonography as a career

A sonographer is a highly skilled medical imaging professional who utilises ultrasound imaging systems to undertake diagnostic medical sonographic examinations across a range of contexts.

The sonographer interprets the sonographic findings and tailors the examination, selectively recording anatomical images, physical data and real time physiological information. The outcome of a sonographic examination is reliant on the medical knowledge as well as the technical skills of the sonographer, who exercises decisional latitude during examinations to determine the breadth of the investigation each patient requires.

To practise as an accredited sonographer in Australia or New Zeland, visit how to become a sonographer.
There are a number of pathways to commencing a career in sonography and there is significant opportunity for advancement.

Sonography is a rewarding and worthwhile career, providing opportunities to utilise medical knowledge and decisional latitude, to work with people and provide quality sonographic services for Australians.