sustainability of the profession

Ensuring there are sufficient appropriately qualified and trained sonographers to meet the growing demand for sonographic services is the key component to ensuring the sustainability of the profession. The ASA works with government agencies such as Health Workforce Australia and other stakeholders to address the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining a quality workforce. Indeed, many of our advocacy initiatives are underpinned by the ASA’s goal of ensuring quality trainees are attracted into the profession and have access to appropriate education and clinical placements so they are well-supported during their training and can transition successfully into the profession.

The ASA recognises the tension between quality and sustainability, particularly in relation to both the cost and time it takes to train sonographers. However, we believe that sonographers must be trained to a level that enables them to perform to current workplace requirements, embrace the profession’s future aspirations which are intrinsically linked to the national health reform agenda, and meet the expectations of the community who seek access to quality sonographic services.

The ASA’s ongoing work in this area has, to date, included: