philanthropic grants from the speaker donation fund

During the course of each year, more than 60 meetings are held across Australia and New Zealand under the auspices of the ASA. The most vital ingredient to the success of these meetings is – of course – the presenters who are offered a small gift as a token of the ASA’s appreciation for their contribution to the continuing professional development of sonographers.  Since 2008, presenters have been given the option to donate the value of their gift to the ASA Speaker Donation Fund.  Each year, the ASA matches – dollar for dollar – the contributions from our speakers.

The fund, through the provision of monetary support, seeks to support members who choose to volunteer their time and efforts to improving the quality of sonography in disadvantaged communities – both within Australia and internationally.  In recent times, the fund has supported several endeavours including the provision of resources in Fiji, the Cook Islands and Vanuatu.

If you wish to apply for support, please contact the ASA Office  to discuss your proposed project and receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions of this Grant.

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