special interest groups

The ASA's growing network of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are supported by committees who work with ASA Office staff in the planning, development, access and dissemination of information. Our SIGs are developed in two distinct groups:

  • discipline specific areas of sonographer, eg. cardiac sonography, musculoskeletal sonography
  • areas identified of being of distinct importance to ensure the ASA is able to meet our objectives, e.g. Sonographer Health and Wellbeing; Research.

The role of each SIG committee is to:

  • provide advice to the ASA on issues relevant to the discipline or area of expertise
  • work with the ASA to tailor benefits for the membership base in this sector, especially the development of CPD opportunities and resources
  • provide members of the group with networking opportunities by having contact with fellow SIG committee members, and professional development through gaining experience at a committee level.

Joining an ASA Special Interest Group (SIG) committee is a great way to advance your professional development and share your expertise and experience. It is also an excellent way to expand your skills and knowledge and exchange ideas with other highly experienced sonographers from diverse backgrounds who are working in the same discipline or who have the same special interest.

Download our SIG group committee Expression of Interest form.

Contact us to find out more about the current SIG committees listed below: